OxyGenerator (formerly called GenerateXY) is a pragmatic framework for MDD (Model Driven Development). It focuses on simplicity and allows to have an instant feedback of the development system. No constraint is imposed on the target code that can have any structure in any language. New generators can be easily developed while existing and ready-to-use generators can be customized or reused to create more sophisticated generators.

The model and template editors are based on well-known standards (UML, XML, XPath). The ability to be integrated into new or legacy development environments and the interoperability with other tools are essential features of OxyGenerator.


  • Graphical modeling
  • Template editor (XPath based, no new language to learn)
  • Syntax-highlighting & auto-completion
  • Quick preview
  • Target languages: all
  • Chained transformations
  • Manual changes management
  • Reverse-engineering
  • XML Import/Export (interoperability)
  • Extensibility
  • Build automation support
  • Model maintenance/migration utilities
  • XSLT support

Getting Started

  • Download the software from here.
  • Install and start the software.
  • Click on the menu “File/Open…”.
  • Load the sample models that are located in the <INSTALL-DIR>/examples directory


OxyGenerator is a freeware.

It works on WIndows. It also works on Linux through Wine.

Download it from here.


Read the user guide.