Swing Testing Toolkit

Swing Testing Toolkit is a Java-Swing GUI testing framework. It uses a semi-automatic test case generation approach aimed at reducing testing instructions to the bare minimum while ensuring that they are as relevant as possible.

It is not a universal GUI testing framework. It focuses on a single library (Swing) to guarantee its level of quality.

Testing an ATM simulator

Inspecting a GUI

Getting started


Test case editor (record/edit/replay component finders and test actions)
Test report view (logs, screenshots, …)
Components inspector
XML-based specification
Various robust component finders
Compatible with JUnit
Extensible (can easily add custom test actions and component finders)


Java 1.6 to 1.8


  • (Note that usage statistics are sent)
  • Add “target” and “target/dependency” directories jars in your classpath
  • Run the main class “xy.ui.testing.editor.TestEditor”
  • Read the user guide


Binaries and sources archive are available here.

The license is open source (LGPL3).