Reflection UI

Reflection UI is an open source Java GUI builder based on reflection. It allows to build in a few minutes complex and fully functional user interfaces (data binding included). More information here.


OxyGenerator (formerly called GenerateXY) is a pragmatic framework for MDD (Model Driven Development). It focuses on simplicity and allows to have an instant feedback of the development system. No constraint is imposed on the target code that can have any structure in any language. New generators can be easily developed while existing and ready-to-use generators […]

Swing Testing Toolkit

Swing Testing Toolkit is a Java-Swing GUI testing framework. It uses a semi-automatic test case generation approach aimed at reducing testing instructions to the bare minimum while ensuring that they are as relevant as possible. It is not a universal GUI testing framework. It focuses on a single library (Swing) to guarantee its level of […]

Look And Feel Metalizer

This is a Java library generating a great number of color combinations for theming Swing applications. More information here.